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Data Optimization

Mobidia's optimization and policy solutions are networks solutions that extend the intelligence of the network from the core all the way out to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other connected devices. Our solutions add value to mobile data networks in the following ways:

  • Recover network capacity by accelerating data sessions and utilizing data resources more efficiently.
  • Enhance user experiences by accelerating all apps and services that utilize data.
  • Identify and characterize all data traffic for multi-service, quality of service (QoS) improvements.
  • Collect subscribers' usage behavior in a transparent, opt-in, anonymous model that provides a unique set of data across all network types that subscribers may use – including 3/4G, WiFi, and roaming networks.

Recover Network Capacity

Mobidia's transport optimization accelerates data sessions to increase throughput and effective network capacity:

  • Shaping all traffic to subscribers based on the currently available radio access network (RAN) capacity.
  • Eliminates inefficiencies introduced by transmission control protocol (TCP) over the wireless link.
  • Accelerates all TCP data sessions on downlink and uplink, to increases data throughput.
  • Recovers 15-30% network capacity during "busy hours" under peak network conditions (repeatedly demonstrated on networks around the world).

Enhanced User Experiences

Mobidia helps make more bandwidth available to subscribers when they need it most for faster, more consistent connections:

  • Speeds file downloads, uploads, and web browsing.
  • Delivers enhanced video downloads and streaming.
  • Increases available bandwidth to adaptive video technologies which enhances video resolution and fidelity.
  • Improves the stability of the network making connectivity more reliable and consistent.

Subscriber-Centric Policy

Mobidia believes that implementing policy solutions to manage mobile data growth and enable new revenue-generating services should consider subscribers as much, if not more than just the network. Policy solutions would be more valuable if they put the subscriber in the center of any implementation. With that in mind, Mobidia's solutions introduce and incorporate intelligent client software running on the handsets and connected devices, which offer subscribers powerful control and context which ultimately make them more satisfied and more profitable customers of mobile operators.

Traffic Identification and Characterization
With its unique client architecture, Mobidia's solution can quickly and accurately identify traffic on the device before traffic ever hits the network. Traffic can then be characterized and the appropriate action can be taken.

Multiservice Quality of Service (QoS)
As devices become more sophisticated and more users run multiple services simultaneously, it is increasingly important to be able to identify application and service specific data streams and treat the resource necessary to service those streams appropriately. To offer and maintain a good user experience, service streams will need to be treated differently. Mobidia's solution has the ability to manage and implement multiservice QOS to address these needs.

Unique visibility and reporting
With intelligent software running on smartphones and other devices, Mobidia's solution has an unprecedented view of subscriber activity and the context of both the device and network at the time. This data can be collected and reported in aggregated and anonymous ways to enable a truly unique understanding.